Makeup tips for Teens


Always prepare your skin for makeup. Our skins are not prepared for heavy application of makeup. It’s mandatory to use one layer of primer on skin to prepare the skin.  As the best bridal makeup artist in Jaipur I always chose whether I want full coverage makeup or half. After cleansing, toning and moisturising. First step is to primer and then use foundation According to your shade. Choose an eyeshadow palette similar to your attire. Highlight your cheekbones. Follow this and slayy

Why is bridal makeup so heavy?

The cosmetics business has grown much throughout the long term and alongside that the quantity of cosmetics brands and types have expanded also. Certain individuals might like to utilize conventional cosmetics brands while others might like to utilize a more specific brand.


It is fascinating to note that a few ladies don’t care for substantial cosmetics and would not have any desire to conceal all their skin with a layer of heavy makeup. Being the best bridal makeup artist of Jaipur I prefer to go for brides choice of makeup..


Yet, numerous ladies pick weighty wedding cosmetics on the grounds that the substantial marriage cosmetics assists them with accomplishing a characteristic look and they likewise feel more OK with the substantial cosmetics.


Who is the best bridal makeup artist in Jaipur?

In every one of the battles which a Bride-to-be needs to go through from choosing that ideal lehenga to booking the ideal picture takers and cosmetics specialists, the rundown appears ceaseless!! Discovering somebody who can make you look the best on your Big Day is an exceptionally feverish assignment. However, here we are with the absolute best bridal makeup artist in Jaipur, Koushiki offers the best Bridal makeup, Party makeup and other types of makeup.


Where can I get good bridal makeup done in Jaipur?

Arranging your wedding can be a serious overpowering errand for you. With such countless things you need to set you up would effectively disregard the little subtleties. Yet, regardless of what amount involved you are, one thing that you will always remember is your Bridal Makeup. Also, as we probably are aware, Indian weddings are known for their lavishness and warmth. All things considered, the modest and gleaming Indian lady of the hour takes the spotlight on that day, as everyone’s eyes stay stuck on her. Normally every young lady tries to look new and immaculate on her uncommon day which is just feasible with the master hint of a capable marriage cosmetics craftsman. What’s more, Koushiki Makeovers is the best Bridal Makeup makeup artist in Jaipur that you will likely not run over elsewhere.


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Koushiki’s Makeover should be your go-to decision for any cosmetics. We offer a great deal of services that are adjustable and a spending plan well disposed of. Koushiki is an honor winning bridal makeup artist in Jaipur. She accepts that magnificence is inside all of us. From best marriage cosmetics to glitz cosmetics Koushiki has shaken each look and made a spot in client’s souls and furthermore in the rundown of best wedding cosmetics specialists in Jaipur. Follow her on instagram now.